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June 1st, 2022


Hello Neighbors:

In early May we completed what was a 10-year project to upgrade our jetties and beaches. I would like to thank all who helped, contributed, supported, and encouraged this project along the way. Mark Jackson, the President of Coastline Consultants, met me at the beach as they were working on the As-Built permit and was in awe of what he saw. Mark had not been here since we were in the application phase and thought it all looked great. His comment was “your community should be very pleased.”


The beaches are open just in time for the onset of warm weather. We have more traffic as well as more folks out walking, kids riding bikes and neighbors heading down to watch another amazing sunset. The little green men will be out soon to remind us all to drive slowly and carefully while in Harbor View.


Over the winter we tried a new pattern for the sand fences, and it appears to have helped retain sand blowing up the streets (special thanks to David Brouillette!). We also experimented with the addition of one board to the height of the wooden barrier fence on the right side of the south beach. We are looking for neighbor feedback on this and if it should be considered for all barriers next winter.


You will notice in our 2022 Proposed Budget (included in this mailing) that we have renamed the Jetty Fund to the Jetty Maintenance Fund. Each year with the cold weather and potential for ice to form, we can see stone movement and it will be important to make repairs as needed to keep the integrity of the jetties.  We will continue to request contributions so that we have available funds for such future maintenance costs (see enclosed Dues and Jetty Form). Thank you in advance for your continued support of this fund. Also please note that the 2022 dues have been increased by $25 in order to cover rising expenses and to increase reserves. There has not been a dues increase in 5 years.


A separate committee met last fall to review our finances and suggested we look to build up our reserves (i.e. for unbudgeted, potentially significant expenses). The 2022 Proposed Budget includes plans to transfer funds from our Checking Account to our Savings Account for this purpose.


This year will also bring a change in the company who does our beach maintenance as Anthony’s Beach service reports staffing issues and can no longer provide service to us. We do have other options and are requesting bids now. A special thanks to Tracey Miller – Lamontagne who has taken on the role of coordinating the beach service.


Our Annual Meeting is planned for Saturday, June 25th at North Beach (@ 10 AM). Please bring a chair and join us for the season kick-off and to celebrate the completion of the Jetty and Beach Restoration Project. Check the HVA website ( for additional meeting dates, times, and locations.


Last year the BOD suggested adding memorial benches to the North Beach and requested sponsors.

Five families stepped forward to sponsor and four beautiful benches are now installed and available for folks to sit and watch the sunsets. These benches are placed in memory of loved ones and are very special to the sponsors.  A special thanks to the sponsors and all who helped with the construction in early May.


The beach signs indicating that HVA Beach Passes are required for beach use (which were introduced in 2020) have been placed at both beaches once again. The passes that were issued to all homeowners in 2020 will once again be required this year. If you have misplaced or lost your pass(s), please e-mail the association at by or before June 18th.  Please provide your name and HVA address. As indicated in past years’ communications, replacement passes will be issued at a cost of $25 for the pair. New HVA homeowners since June 2021 can also request beach passes if they were not left by the previous owners (at no charge to the new owner). Please likewise e-mail the association with name and HVA address. Replacement (or new for new neighbors) passes will be available at the Annual Meeting – or alternate arrangements can be made for payment and pick-up.


As we enter the summer season, I again remind all to abide by our posted Beach Rules and Regulations. These were established by the community to allow for safe use of the beaches by all neighbors. Let’s all be respectful and considerate of each other.


Officer elections this year will be for Treasurer and Secretary. Chris Psillas and Christine Marotta have agreed to serve again. We are so fortunate to have these ladies giving their talents and time to HVA. It has been an honor to serve with them. Thank you, Chris & Christine.


We have 4 BOD positions renewing or open this year – either through the 3-year rotational term or for departing members. Bill Viggiano and Dave Brouillette have agreed to serve again - thank you! Phil Scarfo has decided to step down after many years of service. We thank Phil for his service and commitment to this community. Phil has helped guide us through many challenges and his input will be missed. Therefore, we have 2 open BOD positions. Interested candidates should contact us ASAP.


Our Social Committee is planning another year of fun, family, and community activities. Updates will be shared at the Annual Meeting and posted on our website. Rumor has it the Year-End Celebration will be on again - watch for details!


In closing I would just like to urge folks to stay involved. Please continue to support HVA with dues and jetty maintenance contributions. Get involved by joining the BOD or our social committee. Community is what makes Harbor View even more special!


Wishing everyone a great summer at the beach!


Bill Greim

HVA President

President's Message - June 2022

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