June 1, 2020


Hello Neighbors:


The world has changed. That is an understatement, but for those of us that live here full time and those who have been able to visit their vacation home over the last few months Harbor View seems even more like a safe harbor, a sanctuary.  We hope that all are safe.


Each Spring as the weather finally warms more and more folks can be seen out walking, kids riding bikes and folks heading down to watch another amazing sunset - while respecting social distancing guidelines (this year).

We have so much to be thankful for here and it is our responsibility as an association to help preserve this special place and our beaches.  Over the past 10 years or so we have done just that with our Beach & Jetty Restoration Project (see enclosed summary).  We have some good news to report on that front:  the DEEP has granted us a 1-year extension with our permit which will allow us to complete the project and rebuild Jetty #4 (or our southernmost jetty) by May 2021. It is unlikely that we can get another extension, so the time is now for us to raise about an additional ~$29,000.00 to complete this critical work.  Please respect our beaches and jetties and all the work that has been completed thus far.  Parents:  please remind your children of the same and throwing rocks off our new jetties is not acceptable!


Enclosed you will find our Dues/Jetty Contribution & Ballot Form. We are hopeful to continue the recent trend where the number of association members in good standing increases as does contributions to our jetty rebuilding project.  Our dues pay for beach maintenance, taxes, insurance and more.  These investments are all our responsibility and we all benefit from having three beautiful beaches.  This form is also critical to ensure we have the correct contact information for all homeowners so that we can communicate on important association and town issues.


Last Fall saw the town work with us to fill and restore the lower Hammock green. It looks as beautiful as ever now thanks in part to Joe Mullen and Al Volpe who take time to mow it, as well as all the other folks that mow and care for the other portions of the Hammock Parkway greens.

Memorial Day brought another invasion of the “little green men”, reminding us that we share the roads with folks walking, kids on bikes and pets - so please drive slowly!


Our Annual Meeting is planned for June 27th, but we are uncertain at this point if the Governor will  lift sanctions. As such we have made plans for an e-meeting where folks can log-on or dial-in to a virtual meeting. We have made provisions for folks to review and approve the budget and cast votes for the election of officers on the new combination Dues/Jetty and Ballot Form enclosed. This is important so please do take time to read it and vote by or before June 24th. Comments are always welcome, and voting can be done by e-mail if desired (see enclosed form for information and instructions).


We have an election to vote for two officers:  Christine Marotta as Secretary and Chris Psillas as Treasurer. Both have been great for HVA giving of themselves and their time to help make Harbor View even more special.  In my time as President, I have been thankful to have them and appreciate all their contributions.  New to our BOD this year is Cheryl Smith, a longtime member of the association. Cheryl is already contributing regarding important issues. Tracey Miller - Lamontagne has also taken on the important role of Member Liaison. Please join me in thanking Cheryl, Tracey and all our BOD members for their service.    


We opened our beaches just before Memorial Day and under state guidelines must ensure social distancing is respected. We need ALL folks to respect this or run the risk of seeing our beaches closed.


Our social committee will be in touch as activities are allowed and will also post updates on our website at:  www.HVACT.org.   We also hope to have a lunch with the famous six (6) foot subs at a later meeting.   Watch for updates via e-mail and the web.


In closing I would just like to urge folks to stay involved. Please continue to support HVA with dues and jetty contributions. This may be our last year to complete the project and we are about halfway there in collection of funds to complete this last jetty. 


I look forward to this time next year when we can celebrate the christening of the south jetty, conclusion of the project and memorializing this amazing project with signage dedicated to all those who have made this possible.


As always, we welcome your input, thoughts and suggestions.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to the HVA officers or BOD (harbor.view.association@gmail.com or via our website contact page).


Stay safe, stay strong,


Bill Greim

HVA President  (HVACT@comcast.net)


President's Message - June 2020

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