June 1, 2021


Hello Neighbors:

What a difference a year makes! A year ago, we were unsure if we could even have our annual meeting and this year, we are planning to christen our final Jetty #4 without a need for social distancing. We also are welcoming 30 new neighbors in just this past year. Harbor View is attractive to home buyers and renters and having 3 beautiful beaches protected by 4 rebuilt jetties sure helps.


Each Spring as the weather finally warms, more and more folks can be seen out walking, kids riding bikes and folks heading down to watch another amazing sunset - and the beaches are open just in time for the onset of warmer weather.


We have some good news to report on the Jetty Project and that is that the DEEP has granted another 1-year extension to us with our permit to complete the project but stated that this will be the last extension. This should also be the last year we need to request contributions to the Jetty Fund. Remaining activities are to add some more rip rap (stone) in front of the wall on the center beach. This is recommended by our consulting engineer to reduce waves hitting the wall at super high tides and causing turbulence that washes away sand. We also need to have the engineer complete an As-Built that is required by our permit, apply for a maintenance permit which will allow us to do repairs should they be needed due to dislodged stones for another 5 years, and purchase a memorial stone or plaque to commemorate the project.  The estimated cost for these activities is $12,000.

Our plan is to jump start the fundraising by transferring $5,000.00 from our 2020 unused Beach Maintenance fund. Please don’t stop supporting the project now:  together we have done so much and made such great improvements to our awesome beaches.

After many years of cleaning our beaches, Joe Mullen has decided to step down. We thank Joe, and Chuck Hamel who donated his time to help Joe, for their service and a great job. We also thank Joe for his service on the BOD.

We do have good news though.  We have hired Anthony’s Property Services to clean our beaches this year. Anthony does the Saybrook town beach, Chalker beach and many others on the shoreline. He has special equipment to sift the sand to remove rocks and debris and comes highly recommended to us. The beaches will be closed for about 2 hours each week while he is cleaning.


The BOD would like to add 2 benches to North Beach, and this presents a unique opportunity for our community. These would be located inside the wooden fence, between the 2 openings and facing west towards Hammonassett. The cost for these is $1,100.00 each and we are looking for sponsors. For details, please visit:  If you have an interest in sponsoring one of these benches, please reach out to us at  The sponsorships will be accepted first come-first serve.


Memorial Day brought another invasion of the little green men, reminding us that we share our roads with folks walking, kids on bikes, and pets - so please drive slowly! Speaking of memorial… the beautiful petunias in pots at the beaches are dedicated this year to Jean Sanders who passed on last October. Jean started the tradition of planting flowers at our beaches many years ago.


Our Annual Meeting is planned for June 26th.  Following the meeting we look forward to having many folks join us on South Beach to celebrate and christen our southernmost Jetty #4.  Check the HVA website ( for more details and additional meeting dates.


The beach signs indicating that HVA Beach Passes are required for beach use (which were introduced in 2020) have been placed at both beaches once again.  The passes that were issued to all homeowners in 2020 will once again be required this year.  If you have misplaced or lost your pass(s), please e-mail the association at by or before June 18th.  Please provide your name and HVA address.  As indicated in last year’s communication, replacement passes will be issued at a cost of $25 for the pair.  Pre-ordered replacement passes will be available at the Annual Meeting – or alternate arrangements can be made for payment and pick-up.  Note to New Homeowners in the past 9 months:  new passes will be made available if not left by the previous owners.


Elections this year will be for President and Vice President. After many years on the BOD, and most recently as VP, Deb Pelletier has decided the time has come to step down. I can’t thank Deb enough for her faithful service to our community. It has been a pleasure to serve along with her. For myself, I will agree to stay on for another term and finish the Jetty and Beach restoration project. The positive comments I have received from neighbors over the years encourages me and still inspires me as we have more work to do.


We have 3 BOD members rotating off their 3-year terms this year. Phil Biondi and Alan Curto have agreed to run again (thank you) so we have at least 1 BOD opening. Interested candidates should contact us


Our social committee is planning select activities and updates will be shared at the Annual Meeting and also posted on our website.  We also hope to have a lunch with the famous 6ft subs at a later meeting or social event and will keep you posted.


In closing I would just like to urge folks to stay involved. Please continue to support HVA with dues and Jetty contributions. Get involved by joining the BOD or our social committee. Community is what makes Harbor View even more special!


This has been an amazing year for Harbor View with so many new neighbors and the completion of our last Jetty. The beaches look great, and houses are in high demand. Yes, this place we call Harbor View is special and it’s not a secret anymore!


Wishing everyone a great summer at the beach!


Bill Greim

HVA President  (

President's Message - June 2021