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Each year the Clinton Police Department responds to a variety of calls for service during the July 4th holiday period resulting from illegal firework displays. The safety of all residents and visitors is part of our mission that we take very seriously.   It is with this in mind that we are reminding all residents and visitors that according to Connecticut General Statute section 29-357, “no person, firm or corporation shall offer for sale, expose for sale, sell at retail or use or explode or possess with intent to sell, use or explode any fireworks” other than sprinklers and fountains under a certain capacity by persons over sixteen years of age.


Violation of this statute is a Class C Misdemeanor and any illegal fireworks found can also be confiscated.  Depending upon the circumstances other violations that may apply include: Disorderly Conduct  53a-182, a Class C Misdemeanor;  Injury or Risk of Injury to a minor 53-21,  a Class D Felony;  and Creating a Public Disturbance  53a-181a,  an infraction payable by a $103.00 fine.


According to the DESPP web site: Larger so-called "fire crackers" are actually explosive devices which are banned by both state and federal law. They include M-80’s, M-100’s, M-250’s and larger, cherry bombs, quarter sticks, block busters and other similar devices. Possession of these devices is prohibited by Connecticut General Statute section 29-348, Illegal Possession of Explosives; manufacture of these devices is prohibited by Connecticut General Statute section 53-80a., Manufacture of  Bombs, a Class “B” felony. The penalty for illegal possession of explosives, CGS 29-348, is a fine of not more than $10,000 or imprisonment of not more than 10 years, or both for each offense.


Please enjoy your 4th of July holiday and be safe when celebrating. Your safety and well being is paramount to the men and women Clinton Police Department.



Sgt. Jeremiah Dunn, P.I.O.

Clinton Police Department 

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