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Jetty Project

The first jetty, #1 is almost completely ineffective at stopping the waves, as the video pans left you can see Jetty #2 allowing waves to pass right through and then to Jetty #3 which has been rebuilt and is doing a good job of stopping the wave action. In the distance you can see Jetty #4, which also is not doing a very good job of protecting the beaches.  Pay close attention to the calm water behind Jetty #3 and compare that to the turbulence you see behind the other 3 Jetties.


Imagine that this can occur every day and the erosion that is taking place.


Imagine now all 4 Jetties rebuilt like Jetty #3 and the stability and protection that this can bring to our beaches!


Our time is now while our permits are in force to get this done. We have already had to apply to the Army Corps of Engineers for an extension (which we should get), but soon the time will pass when we will not be allowed to complete this project.


Consider if you will the value that these beaches bring to our community! Consider the impact that the waterfront brings to our individual home values.  


Now think about a time in the near future when we will not be allowed to rebuild the jetties.


It will take significant contributions to complete these projects and we need ALL of us to step up and contribute what we can. 


The payback is as obvious as the evidence in these videos. 


JETTY #4 CHRISTENING  - June 26, 2021

With the 4th and final jetty complete, we are nearing the finish line of our project !  

Jetty Videos

Jetty Videos


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Jetty Christening 3.jpg
Jetty Christening 1.jpg
Jetty Christening 2.jpg
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