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Beach Rules and Regulations


Harbor View Association has established the following rules and regulations for our community:


  • Beaches are Private Property for use by Harborview Association property owners, residents and guests only.

  • NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY – Enter /Swim at own risk.

  • Quiet hours: Sunset to 9:00 AM.

  • No games or activities are allowed that interfere with sunbathers, swimmers or others using the beaches.

  • No ball games or nets allowed except as approved by HVA BOD.

  • Hard balls or regulation footballs are not allowed at any time.

  • Glass containers are not allowed.

  • No Fires or Fireworks allowed. Police take notice.

  • Skateboarding or roller blading are not permitted on HVA property.

  • Respect adjoining neighbors private property.

  • Obey No Parking Zones.

  • Dogs on leash are allowed at boat launch area only for access to harbor.

  • Boats, Kayak’s, etc. allowed in boat launch or center beach only. 

      (No overnight storage)

  • Watercraft are not allowed in swimming areas at any time.

  • Please remove all trash and leave our beautiful beaches clean.

  • No climbing is allowed on rock jettys.



Approved 7/26/2014

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